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I am a dynamic and motivated marketing generalist who has mastered many facets of the digital marketing world with a focus on innovative brand voice and morally focused growth. Collaboration, education, and expansion are key aspects of my portfolio. I work primarily with small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to solidify their brand and marketing strategy or learn how to extend the reach of their current practices.

About Me

What does that mean for you?

I provide a range of services catered to the needs of each business or entrepreneur, and connect you with the tools and people you need to be strategic and efficient with your digital marketing goals. Via my expansive network of digital marketing professionals, I can strategize how best to improve ROI and make introductions with industry experts who will prioritize your goals. 

With my background in education, I utilize a unique process of laying down a base of knowledge for business owners so that you have the confidence to know the basics of what you require to grow efficiently. This will enable you to make the best use of your budget and time. We will work together to create measurable goals for growth and success.

From the first steps of building a brand with a logo packages and brand voice, target market research, and website building with SEO optimization, to Google Ads keyword selection, local listing setups, marketing emails, and ongoing social media and ad management, I can cover all the bases needed to set a business up for success or bring them to the next level they are seeking. 

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Click through some of my previous work.

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