Make Social Media Easy

with customized and branded virtual assistant design services

That's a lot of hats you have on there...

Tired of having to come up with new content for your facebook and instagram every day? Too busy to research hashtags and write copy for your posts? Not enough hours in the day to create your products and interact with customers online?

You've come to the right place!

You're a busy maker and it's hard to do all of the things your business needs to succeed by yourself. Streamline your social media presence with branded content ready to post, or even posted for you weekly!


You could join a monthly subscription service that gives you (and a lot of other people) access to the same catalogue of posts and images that vaguely relate to your business, or you can stand out from the crowd with custom graphics, prompts, quotes, and completely personalized content for a curated feed that is totally on brand and ready to welcome your unique customers.

When we start our adventure, you'll fill out my exclusive branding questionnaire so that i know your brand voice, target market, story, and brand elements. After that, i do all the work for you! I'll even edit the product images you provide to use in posts so that the colors and tones match your feed perfectly.  

Posts will follow a customized brand content calendar relevant to your target market and will range from quotes, prompts, and questions to sales and calls to action based on your needs and schedule. They will always be on brand so that your customers want to engage with you! with a weekly email check-in, you'll be able to request any special sales or event posts as well.


Images or videos are either provided one week in advance or scheduled one week in advance depending on the plan you choose. You will also receive a monthly content calendar and opportunities to customize days for your target market and any sales or events! 


Choose the ultimate package and i will manage and grow your social media presence while you sit back and relax! I'll create engaging content, images, and animated gifs, research relevant hashtags for your audience, schedule your posts weekly for you, and track post performance with bi-weekly audience engagement analysis and reports.


Your social media game will be totally optimized for success!